Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Last Week of Classes!

I know, I know, I have been a bit absent lately and some of you are getting rather bored. Well, I am in my last week of classes -
today, Tuesday is Thursday for scheduling purposes,but I have a Tuesday make-up class on today, which is Thursday but really Tuesday......OK, well, bottom line is my last class is tomorrow night, unless I opt to go for the answers to questions only review for a class on Thursday (which is really Thursday). I'm leaning towards not going because I've rarely found such sessions to be helpful.

In other news, we survived some wicked rain and wind, and were thankful our area was barely hit compared to many nearby towns. I'm thinking with all the leakage I'm hearing about, there may be a lot of homes and condos for sale when summer rolls around. Who wants to deal with those kinds of problems two years in a row? Sure, some problems are fixable, but others... not so much....of course, I guess you'd have to disclose the problem, leading to all sorts of other hassles.

Wow - I am rambling :) Only one class for one hour tonight. Then it is home to probably NOT study and get in a little rest and relaxation with the Wife before the big studying starts. First final - next Tueday (probably).


patti_cake said...

Hey I may not make the most sterling comments but I am here dammit! LOL Enjoy your er, time off.

PT-LawMom said...

Good luck with finals!!!

Lynilu said...

Hurray for "last weeks"!! I remember how good it feels to get this week behind you and have a bit of guilt-free family time.

How much longer will you be in school?

Dakota said...

I have three finals over the next two weeks, plus a paper to polish up by January. After that, three more semesters. I will graduate in May of 2009....then the bar exam! *gulp*

Thanks to all for your support!