Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Down, Two to Go!

Yippeeee! The first final, the one I was most concerned about, is behind me, and I actually think it did fairly well. Feels like solid B potential, which is good because I was really uncertain as to what to expect. Today I will move on to the 24-hour take home exam, and then Tuesday morning is my final final of 2007!

Funny, I noticed last night as I was setting up my computer, then going to get the final and bringing it back to the room (we have many unscheduled exams, so we pick them up from the registrar, check out and have to check back in within the allotted time - I found out last night that not all law schools do this), once I am taking the final I am "in the zone" and not nervous at all. It's like, oh, I know this stuff, or at least I know enough of it to write a bunch of words on the page and pass this test. Cool! It is reassuring to take the test and realize that I have learned so much! This is a good since this law school thing is costing a bundle and I am pretty sure there would be other ways to spend large amounts of money and not be sacrificing so much family time and sleep that would be more fun for us all. So, it is good that I am getting an education :)

Hey - special note to Wife - thank you so much for all of your support through this crazy time! It's nice to know you get what I am going through and that at the end of the week, there will be new, super soft, polar bear sheets to cozy into! Then...a wonderful Birthday weekend for a certain somebody special :)

Hope my law school friends out there are rockin' their finals! Let's get this thing done and go enjoy our break!


patti_cake said...

Awesomeness! and how cool is it that your free time coincides with Casey's birthday. Happy week-end to you two!

Quirky said...

Um, did you feel that way after your first round of finals? Because, I think I've learned a lot - in fact, it's a little bit crazy how much. But at the end of every final, I've pretty much felt like I just got beat up. I wrote tons of stuff, but I'm not sure if it was all the right stuff or well organized or as good as what everyone else was writing. So...does it get better? Or did you just feel great from the beginning?

Dakota said...

Patti_Cake - It is great that Casey's birthday is on a Saturday! Wish I was done with finals so we could be celebrating that, too! Ah, now we'll have two reasons to celebrate!

Quirky -
Tough question. I did actually feel pretty good after all of my finals. I was definitely unsure of whether I knew any more than any other people though. I still leave feeling that way. Those that were most time pressured, particulaly Civ Pro second semester (our school teaches it backwards though, so it may have been the same as your first semester materials), I left feeling beat up, as did most of our class. It wasn't that we didn't know what to say, it was that there was so much to say and not enough time to say it in. Also - all finals are exhausting. The mental pressure, and physical stamina, of being so "ON" for 3 or 4 hours is really intense. Even if you did really well, feeling beat up is normal. Hope you did great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dakota, thanks for dropping round to my blog.

My first degree was in Scots Law, so I am well aware of how tough the exams can be. From what you are saying, it sounds like you really well prepared though.

I loved how you acknowledged Casey's support in your studies, and know you will find a way of making her birthday special, despite all the hard work just now. I wish you the success you so richly deserve

PT-LawMom said...

Hooray for a good first final!! Hope that the next one goes just as well, if not better. Happy Birthday, Casey!

Lynilu said...

Yay!! I loved that "after the final" feeling! And what a sweetie to remember to thank C for patience. Our spouses do suffer a lot when we go to school, don't they?

Good luck on the rest of the finals!!