Sunday, December 09, 2007

I love hotels! Really.

Hotels anyone? I really like hotels. Maybe it's not normal. Maybe I should consider the whole hotel thing more in depth and just be totally grossed out by it, but really, I'm not. I like staying in a fancy hotel, having someone make my bed for me every day and clean the bathroom. I like knowing I can have an endless supply of towels, if I should need them, and that I could have someone deliver food to me, if I really wanted it. I like a place with a view, and I like the small but fancy soaps and shampoos (well....fancy depending on where you stay, of course), I like beautiful lobbies and friendly staff, and watching tv in bed (yes, I can do that at home; not the point). I mostly enjoy hotels in the "big city," or resort hotels on the coast...or resort hotels anywhere, really. I've never stayed in any Vegas hotels, and I understand there is quite a wide variety, but I am sure there would be some I would love.

This Christmas, or rather, after Christmas when we are visiting Wife's side of the family, we'll not be staying in any hotels since Wife's brother now has a house big enough that we can stay with him and have an entire nice basement all to ourselves. What a savings - and the kids love being with their uncle! Still, a fancy hotel all decorated up for Christmas.....*sigh*...sounds good, doesn't it?

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patti_cake said...

I LOVE hotels also. Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Inn are two of my favorites because they have big soft comfy beds and pillows. I am a germ-a-phobe so I take my own pillow to put on top though. I like the idea of someone cleaning up after me too LOL