Monday, January 22, 2007

The L Word - Now THAT'S Entertainment!

Does television entertainment get any better than The L Word? I think not. Last night was filled with classic L-Word goodness. I am sure there was a smile on my face just about the whole time. Papi – you are NO competition to Shane. Sorry, Babe. What a wonderful scene when Shane says – I didn’t know we were in competition, but you win, and gives her a killer smile and says it was nice to meet her. She is totally clueless as to who Papi is, and why should she care? She doesn't even recognize her own greatness or reputation. It's nothing to her. Alice – going after the older woman. Too fun! Anyone else notice Alice's new catch phrase "Really?" As in "Really, Papi, really?" She said it at least twice in last night's episode. Seems to be vying for a place next to Grey's Anatomy's "Seriously?" Alice does deliver the phrase nicely, the perfect blend of condescension and admiration. Bette’s TA – what a tramp! Could she look more like a slut? Is it any wonder that Bette showed no interest? (Well, right up until she decided to do her - mostly to shut her up, I think.) Also, how cute is Shane taking care of her little brother? Ah, I do love Sunday nights now.

On to other things:

So, as many of you know, the longed for snow arrived. For lots of fun pictures, see my partners blog. School was canceled two out of four days last week, so it was a slow ease back into the routine. This week will be my first full week back. Mixed emotions on this one. I think the classes are going to be fun (Well - still undecided about administrative law - which is how federal agencies are governed, run, where they get their power and such - could be really boring - but I think the prof. will do a decent job of making it as interesting as possible.), but I will miss the family. The kids and I will go four days and nights without seeing each other, unless the family comes to work to visit me for lunch. Seems like a long time.

This past weekend was spent getting my partner new glasses and entertaining the kids at the Lego Store. It was actually quite fun. Gotta love Legos, and both kids LOVED buying them by the piece. You can fill up a small container for $6.95. If you are super good during lunch, you get to go back and do it again!(Way to go, Son!) Little Girl likes the small Legos if a car is built out of them. She also got a Duplo Zoo pack so she could play with the animals. Duplos are the big Legos for little hands. Toys have to be one of the lesser talked about benefits of parenthood :)

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