Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Where's the Snow?????
We were supposed to have snow today. I was disappointed to wake up and find it had not started yet. I showered, got dressed, fed the animals and all the normal morning stuff, was almost out the door and my son woke up. I turned the tv on for him and checked the news really fast, "just in case". Great - snow was already falling where I work. I decided not to go in. Three hours later I was on my way to work, in the sun.

We've had a miniscule amount of snow, a good amount of hail and sleet and way too much sun. We want snow! The kids, wife and I were all planning on going out, playing in the front yard, getting all wet and cold and then coming in to have hot cocoa. Seattle got snow. Where is ours??


Casey said...

Check out in the backyard. I think you'll find it. :) I'm so glad that it started to snow right after you got home tonight so you, me and the kids could all play out there together. YAY SNOW!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing better then waking up to fresh snow on the ground. It's even better when you aren't expecting it. I used to think snow days were the best when I was young and in school. I had no idea I would still be this excited about them as an adult. Enjoy the snow.

Anonymous said...

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Mieke said...

Thanks for the donation (I can't tell which one of you did it). I appreciate your willingness to write about it on your blog.