Monday, January 08, 2007

The L Word - It's baaaaa-aaaaack :)

It's like an old friend has returned, old friends, plural, really. I just love The L Word. (follow the link to the premiere episode, behind the scenes clips, and other fun stuff) I love that we live in a time that it exists. I love Ilene Chaiken's vision. I love the depth of the characters, their stories, the wonderful actors. I love seeing life that I can relate to on my tv screen - lesbian life - not straight life. I love watching hot women parade around in my living room, I mean, on my tv, of course. These are people I would like to know, would like to have a cup of coffee with, hang out with, get to know. Even the troubled ones are interesting, have their good qualities and are growing. Thank you to the people who make this little slice of heaven available to us each week! Life is good.

(Back in the real world, baby girl is sick again. Throwing up. That girl gets every little virus that comes along, it seems. At least this is still "vacation from school week" and not my first week back. That means I can help out a bit by walking in the door before dinner and being part of the mommy team. That's something, I guess. Let's hope it is a very short virus, and none of the rest of us gets it!)

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