Monday, January 22, 2007

More on The L Word

In my earlier post I failed to mention the Painful Party. Tina and Henry throw a cocktail party mixer for all their gay and straight friends. The groups are painfully divided, and despite Alice's attempt to bring folks together via what could be a fun game, it only serves to illustrate the very separate world the couple's friends live in. Awkward, totally unfun, and we've all been in these forced social situations, making this a really effective scene. The best part though, is when a guy starts making homophobic statements and the camera pans to Bette. We are just waiting for her to unleash on this guy. She doesn't want to be here in the first place, and now this *ss is spewing his venom, and in the house where her daughter is currently all-but residing. This reminded me of (here's where I date myself) the days of Designing Women when we would all wait for the one scene in every episode where Julia, brilliantly portrayed by Dixie Carter, would get on her soap box and let her well-informed and very civil rights minded (read: liberal) views fly. It was always wonderful! Well, Bette did not let us down. She kept remarkably cool, and pointed out how he'd made it clear that he would always put his own comfort level above the happiness of his own child. It was classic Bette. So good to see her back!

OK - I'm at school and need to go move my car to the closer lot.

Have no idea why I needed to add that to this post. Just feelng chatty, I guess!


Casey said...

All this is fine and *know* I love to talk about The L Word...BUT.....where are the pictures of Shane???


*drooling just thinking about her*

Disciple said...

Do you think it's wrong for a gay father to show more favor to his gay son than his straight son?

Yes, I'm the straight son...

LawSchool Mama said...

There are really too many factors that play into this equation to answer fairly - such as the overall relationship, your actions vs. your brother's..etc, but all things being equal, sure, ideally parents should not favor a child just because of his sexual orientation.

I hope you and your father are able to talk about this openly so that you can begin building a better relationship. Letting the frustrations fester will only hurt you both in the end. Good luck to you.