Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Riding the Tram
Today I took a ride on Portland's new aeriel tram. It was fun. Nice views, quiet, smooth. There is a bit of a sway on the ride back up to OHSU after the main climb. That was fun in an almost roller-coaster like way. It is NOT worth the $4.00 they will charge the general public, but OHSU employees and patients with special passes ride free. Good thing. I kind of think the whole thing is sort of a VERY EXPENSIVE publicity stunt to get OHSU and Portland on magazine covers. Seattle has the Space Needle. Now Portland has the tram. It is really only useful for the OHSU community right now, but maybe someday it will be convenient for others, too. My opinion on this issue is not an educated one , so if you are really interested, seek information from another source.

Family Time is still going great! Baby Girl is so excited to see me when I get home from work before dinner. She runs up to me with a huge hug, wraps her little legs around me and stays attached hugging, smiling and laughing for the next 10 minutes. Very cute :) Brother first wants to know if I've brought him home a present, but then is still happy to see me either way, and begins to tell me all about his art projects, or school or a toy or whatever has been occupying his mind that he wishes to share. It's going to be tough not seeing them for 4 days in a row with the upcoming spring schedule. I won't be home until about 10:00 on all 4 school nights. Ugh. Wife will end up with more computer time to herself.....but I am pretty sure this is not the way she wanted to get it. I'll miss her since we won't have much time to connect in person most of the week, either. We are both hoping I can do a lot of my homework during the week, before classes, so we'll end up with more family time on the weekend. Until then....we'll all enjoy the week and a half that are left until school starts again.

Happy New Year! (Now THAT would have been a good theme for a post. Maybe tomorrow.)


Mieke said...

School starts for me tomorrow. I am nervous because I still don't have my grades (well I do have that one B which I really wanted to be a B+ or higher). It feels like an endurance test doesn't it? Work and school and kids? When you are in school does work become a bit less important and just a means to an end?

LawSchool Mama said...

First year is definitely an endurance test :)
You made it past your first set of finals - you'll make it for sure!

Yes, work does become more of a means to an end. It might be different for those already in law clerkships or similar. Actually, I welcome the lack of brain drain when I go to work though. I'm not sure I'd want to have a very demanding and/or new job right now. I'm comfortable where I am and my supervisor is VERY flexible with my time. Perfect for my school schedule.
Good luck!