Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer is Calling

Spring has arrived! We had a beautiful weekend, with tulips in full bloom, and the sun shining down upon us. It was the perfect weekend to start dreaming about beach vacation rentals - any beach, anytime, is a really good thing!

We may escape for a few days following my last final...wait, let me say that again, my LAST FINAL...*grin*...and before bar review starts. Bar review, for me, will be formal 5-6 day per week 3 1/2 hour classes for 6 weeks, then 2 weeks of studying on my own right before the exam. Those that run the class say to expect about 6 hours of homework per day. How fun does that sound? Great summer, right? Well, after July 29th, it will all be over.

In the mean time, I will dream about being done with finals and soaking up a little sun and ocean air to get in the proper frame of mind to learn everything I need to know to pass the bar. (...and the sound of semi-hysterical laugher fades into the distance....end scene.)


Daria de la Luna said...

You're in the home stretch, Dakota! May your bar experience be as good as my ordination examination experience...and may you get a perfect job quickly!

Dakota said...

Daria de la Luna - Thank you so much. I suspect you are a visitor from my wife's blog. Thanks for checking in on me. :)

Casey said...

Yes indeed. Well to be more precise - she is from my LMoms message board. She began seminary right around the same time you started law school.