Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Symptoms of the Rush

The rush of my last class has just about worn off, and I was hit with the reality of studying for my finals. I am woefully unprepared. At least I still have time. First final - Friday.

I think the excitement and lack of sleep are catching up with me. Last night I had a weird dream about giving engagement rings to two different women, but one was a mistake and I didn't really even know her. I had to try to find her and fix it so the second wouldn't be upset. I'm not sure I actually wanted to marry either one. (I don't know where Wife was during all this - clearly she did not exist, yet.) The weirdness must be from lack of sleep coupled with the episode of Brothers and Sisters we watched last night where Kitty is starting an affair.

I am happy to report I got a fairly good night's sleep and am ready to tackle work and study!

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Lynilu said...

Aren't dreams bizarre? I've had a couple of whoppers lately.

I'm glad you're in the end stretch. Looking forward to following you life in the "real world," too.

And Happy Birthday, Belatedly. A good birthday that coordinated with another important step in your life! My son's was yesterday. Isn't April a good months for BDs? :D