Monday, April 27, 2009

Reporting Live from My Last Class

This is Law School Mama, soon to be Law School Graduate Mama, reporting live at 8:26pm, Monday, April 27, 2009. I am currently sitting in my last formal law school class ever! My professor is standing at the front of the clasroom discussing undocumented workers in the context of immigration law as if we are all still paying attention. I am copying the notes she is writing on the board, drinking champagne and writing this post. (Hey, I might as well get in all of the "bad" behavior I've missed out on while I still can. If that is the case, I should be shopping online. Yes, I've actually witnessed that behavior.)

I best pay attention now. This is it, folks!
Thanks to all of you for sticking with me over the years.

More to come as I enter finals in the next few days...


Casey said...

Holy crap, girl! We did it! We made it through!!!

Congratulations to you, honey - I am so very proud of you. :) Big time celebrating to come soon!!!

Love you!

nikk said...

You should turn your desk around and face the back of the room. I double dog dare you....Heck, I've seen you do it before.

A Jersey Girl said...

Congrats, Dakota! To both you and Casey!

I want to know though, what will you two do with all of your free time at night now?


Dakota said...

Casey - *happy dance* WE DID IT!!!

Nikk - Long tables wired for electricity....too hard, damn it!

Jersey Girl - I thought I would spend about 8 weeks doing bar review / Law School on Speed and then just see what happens. Maybe we'll actually get to eat dinner as a family. I know, wild idea!