Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Random Thoughts During Painfully Dull Class

Random thoughts during the last 50 minutes of class, or whenever I hit "post."

- Happy Anniversary, Wife! Happy 14 years of marriage - may we celebrate many, many, many, many more wonderful years together!

- Hey - there is only ONE CLASS left of new material for this class! Thank God. This guy is killing me. If I hear any more hesitancy and uncertainly of facts, I may scream.

- I am so happy that I am getting close to being done with my FINAL PAPER OF LAW SCHOOL. I still need to add in the figures, polish and check the whole thing, but I am so close that I am thrilled!

- It was so fun to take the kids to Monsters v Aliens last week. See Wife's Blog about our April Fool's Day. After discovering our surprise was taking them to the movies, Boy Wonder declared, "This is the Best Day Ever!" I love that he has a lot of these. He is a happy boy. (Note: Both kids LOVED the movie and near the end both let me know that we had to buy it because it was "the best movie ever." As far as animated features, I still prefer Monsters, Inc., but this one was pretty fun.)

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Monogram Queen said...

Happy Belated Anniversary to one of my favorite couples.

Oh man I just remembered I won two free passes to Monsters VS. Aliens. I need to go pick them up!

I hope Madison has some "best day evers". I fear she's such a spoiled little shit she'll take everything for granted :(