Thursday, April 30, 2009

Studying Is Icky

Yes, I said "icky." It is a technical term.

Right now I am NOT a big fan of Immigration Law nor of Secured Transactions. I had classes in both of these areas and am now responsible for knowing and relating huge amounts of information in these very technical areas. I know, I know, law school is not supposed to be easy, but do I REALLY need to know so much about areas that I plan on never practicing?

It would be more fun to shop for a present for Wife. I think we can all agree she deserves a WONDERFUL gift, but I am clueless as to what it might be. We've about decided not to give each other graduation gifts and wait until we can agree on something together.

I know for sure that sports gifts would not be high on her list, but our Little Princess would enjoy almost anything sports-related. She loves her dresses, high heels and tiarras, but is almost as happy kicking around a soccer ball or hitting a baseball in the backyard. Oh, and the two loves are not mutually exclusive.....she'll happily play soccer in a party dress if her Moms will let her.

That does not help with an idea for Wife however...she'd not be happy in a party dress or playing soccer. Guess I know what NOT to buy!

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