Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday, Boy Wonder!

Boy Wonder was born 7 years ago today. What an amazing 7 years it has been! I remember when he was born, C-section after 38 hours of labor (Wife was a total trooper!), how amazing it was to finally hold him, and how wonderful to give him his first bath when he was less than one-hour old. (Picture of that on Wife's blog today.) I had no clue what I was doing or how to get him into the onesie I was handed by the nurse, but I managed. Wife was still hooked up to an IV and such during our first night together, so he was my boy to watch after, to freak out about when he was coughing up disgusting tar-looking stuff, and to notice the next day that he was turning yellow and then orange. Those first few days were scary. Time spent in the NICU with nurses without much more to do than pay way too much attention to our baby and notice every thing that could possibly be wrong (but wasn't, thank God!) was nerve-wracking.

Now....7 years later, Boy Wonder is a beautiful, smart, funny boy. No longer a baby, or a toddler, or a preschooler. To look at him now, he is a kid, a real boy, and all boy he is. Sometimes, Wife and I look at each other and have no idea where he gets the things he does. It's not like we are teaching him typical male behaviors, but there they are, just the same.

Maybe his predisposition to love video games is a "boy behavior," but maybe not, as our Little Princess is following in her brother's footsteps. He told me last week he was going to help her become a computer whiz, too. What a sweet big brother, right?

For his Birthday, celebrated on Sunday (and today) we surprised him with a Ninetendo DS , which we'd told him would be a long time before we could get for him. We found one on a good sale, and he has been beside himself happy about it. He's been very happy with his Gameboy Advance, but all the new games are only being release in the DS version now, and the new device has many more capabilities, plus can play his current Gameboy games, so we figured we'd go ahead and get it for him. From other family members, he received a couple of new games and gift cards, so he could go choose another couple games for himself. He chose Monsters v. Aliens, based on the new movie, and a version of Pokemon he didn't have, yet. We found out the DS even has voice capabilities. So far, Boy Wonder has been able to make a monster spit as a weapon when he tells him to. Cool, right?

Yup - he's gone from a teeny, tiny helpless baby to a big First Grader, skilled in reading, math and video games and so much more. His moms could not be more proud.

Happy Birthday, Son!

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