Monday, October 15, 2007

Marathon Homework Weekend

I had a marathon homework weekend. Wife took the kids to see her side of the family, all who live about four hours away. (Be sure to check her blog in the next day or so, I am sure she will post pictures of the great pumpkin patch adventures!) She bravely drove off on Friday morning while I was in class; the only adult to supervise not only the long drive, but the entire weekend. I am happy to report that they all did quite well.

I missed them, and I also got a lot done. I not only did this week's homework, but got a good start on outlining, and a well-developed outline for my energy paper. I would love to have started writing the paper, but really, the hard part is pouring over the materials and really figuring out the argument and how to put it together, so I am pretty satisfied.

I am unconvinced that drug treatment, or maybe it should be called vitamin and herb treatment for colds is effective. I battled a cold all last week, and through study weekend, finally feeling much better simply breathing steam from a boiling pot. Sadly, Wife and Baby Girl now have the cold that Son and I are pretty much over. So the winter season begins.....Can we be done with sickness for the winter now? We are all still tired of it from last year! I have too much studying to do to be sick, and the rest of the family is just too busy with their lives, too. Who do I talk to about this?

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Lynilu said...

kids and colds ... the evil duo, for sure! Everyone has their own "remedy" or "avoidance formula," and frankly I don't know one that really works. Well, except being a hermit, and who wants that???