Sunday, October 02, 2011

Weekend Report - First Weekend in October

Peace is both the means and the end. "To what?" you might ask. If you have to ask, maybe you are not ready for the answer.

I am feeling good about this weekend! Vicki is away for two weeks at Tracker School, learning survival skills, Native American philosophies - physical and spiritual growth kinds of work.  I am engaging in my own forms of development, doing yoga, committing to finally moving forward with the mediation course I received as a gift (because there could not be any more signs appearing to me in my life telling me I need to start meditating), and working on my art and writing - or at least, taking steps in those directions.

I also went to a movie and had lunch with my Mom. Always good to spend time with Mom. Being an independent person, and very happy in my partner-relationship,  it can be easy to forget to spend time with family and friends, so I make conscious efforts to reach out to those I love. It is always worthwhile.

I am getting excited about our upcoming trip to Disneyland! At the Disney Store last weekend, Kaylen found a rolling carry-on with Disney princesses that she fell in love with and insists is exactly what she needs for the trip. I told her "no" on that one but that we would find something before our trip. As a surprise, I went back and got it today. It will be waiting for her in her room when she is over next weekend.  For Kelton, I got the monster-print backpack he had really wanted but had already bought a new one for school by the time we saw it.  This will be the first airplane ride either one of them really remembers, and I get that having a special bag is a part of the experience.  Part of the success of this 6-day adventure will be both Vicki and I remembering that this is all about the journey and not getting hung up on expecting specific experiences. Fortunately, we are both "journey" kinds of people, so I think this will not be too challenging. Oh, the point - the point is that the airport, and the airplane, and the bus to our hotel are all part of the fun.  It's not just about how quickly we can get into the park and how many times we can ride on Splash Mountain.

Tonight I will draw, eat ice cream, and finish watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Sounds like a good night to me!


Lynilu said...

I'm getting messages about the need to make time for meditation, too. Groan. I think of it at times when I really can't stop and do it, so obviously self-discipline is a serious concern with me. Wish me luck.

I wish I could see the kids' faces when they see their new bags! What fun! Have a fantastic time!

Caroline said...

Your trip sounds like so much fun and I am sure the kids are going to have a blast.

I am so happy that things are going so well for you and Vicki. I know it's been a long journey to get where you are right now, but I am sure the love you are getting in return makes it all worth it. (I feel the same way about my life right now)