Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mornings without alarms

Jump out of bed, get in the shower, make a green smoothie to share with Vicki, brush teeth, head to work...that is what most work mornings look like. I would prefer something more leisurely that does not involve my alarm going off, and maybe not even the heading to work part. Don't get me wrong - I appreciate and enjoy my job, but I don't so much embrace the mandatory nature of it, you know?

I write this under the influence of app world. It is 10:30 at night, I would love to stay up playing some more, but know the sound of the alarm will come all to soon. Maybe just a short entry into my journal, check out the piano app Vicki just found, and look up one item on the Internet....


Shan said...

I often tell people that my problem isn't that my two jobs and school schedule and toddler keep me too busy. It's that I have to many things I have to be to at a specific time. I miss flexibility.

I hope you get to sleep in soon!

Lynilu said...

Like you, I would stay up very late, playing with electronics til wee hours if I had my way!

In the mid 90s I trained my internal alarm. I set my IRL alarm clock, just in case, but I always wake before it goes off. I like that. Even though I have to get up at a certain time four days a week, it is nice to not be jarred awake.