Friday, September 02, 2011

A Week of Ups and Downs

Just when we thought it was time to go out an celebrate the sale of Vicki's VA house with a box of fuente cigars, the buyer backed out.  She is claiming there were too many problems with the inspection, but will not let us see a copy of the report, or negotiate to fix anything, and her real estate agent admitted that the inspector was the potential buyer's relative, who may or may not be licensed.  It is disappointing to come this close to feeling like Vicki and I were getting free of her Virginia obligations, including her ex, and to have it snatched away.  I guess things happen for a reason.

On the bright side, the kids  have successfully started school, and Kaylen has entered first grade with smiles and laughter - leaving behind the anxiety of much of last year. Yeah, Kaylen!  Kelton is missing his lazy days of summer, but I think will get back into the swing of things with time. His teacher seems like he is very dedicated to getting the kids excited about math, which is Kelton's favorite subject, so hopefully that will engage him. 

Work is busy and often challenging, mostly because of the learning curve rather than true challenges, but that is OK. It is a good job and I am grateful to be at such a wonderful company with good people who mostly actually enjoy what they are doing.

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