Friday, September 02, 2011

Sucked into App World

As those of you on my FB friends list know, Vicki and I both got iPads so that we could easily communicate while she was in she needed one for work.  Oh my goodness! I do not have an iPhone or a htc incredible s phone, so I never knew how amazing all the apps could be! I have a Blackberry and there are apps, but without the touch screen, it is just not as engaging.  Also, let's face it - big iPad screen - way friendlier on over-40-year-old eyes than a tiny phone screen. 

I never imagined how easy it would be to get sucked into App world and spend hours browsing from one app to another, and barely even check out the actual game/tool themselves.  I am enthralled with the games, the productivity tools, educational programs, art much more!  Last weekend the kids and I downloaded kid books, watched penguins from a live cam, checked to see what time it was in Mongolia where Vicki was, and then they started getting sucked into all the free stuff, too!  They each found games, music, videos and more.  SO MUCH FUN!

By the way, using FaceTime to video-chat with each other worked like a charm!  Vicki and I were 15 hours apart, but still got to "see" each other every morning and every night. It was so much better than even our regular phone calls when she is just traveling to the East Coast.  I am a huge fan of the iPad. I have even created a few templates for work forms I use, particularly when I am on-call during personal hours.  The iPads are already getting more and more integrated into our daily lives and we are both on the search for accessories to protect and expand the capabilities of our new favorite obsession. 


Lynilu said...

I understand that!

I got my MacBookPro in April (old MacBook was over 5 years old). I got an HTC Incrediphone in June. Between the two, my hunger for an iPad has increased many-fold!! Do I NEED one? No. But the flexibility of the new technology is just mind-blowing!

Carolyn has really good luck with scratch-offs and slot machines. I think I need to ask her to enter contests for iPads, and when she wins, she will give it to me. Does that sound like a deal or what??? LOL!

Anonymous said...

i agree completely with you, on the 9810 it's causing all sorts of problems ..

one thing that i've been experiencing is that the app continues to work ( its sub optimal self) even after it's been disabled in the app menu !!
have written to their support but am yet to hear from them...

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