Thursday, October 06, 2011

Passing along my Childhood

It is late now and I should get to sleep, however, I slept much of the day away in response to Day 3 of a bad headache. It is finally almost gone and I am feeling pretty good.

Tonight the kids and I went through boxes of things I had saved from my childhood and college years. We found old puppets I had made, my old ventriloquist friends, jokes, scripts, even a log of performances, some toys, books, jewelry... Tons of memories and the kids thoroughly enjoyed hearing about when I was a kid and trying out the toys and clothes. A bit of it made it's way into the house for future enjoyment, and most went back into the closet where it had been since before Casey and I bought the house from my mom. :). Once Vicki and I buy a house, all that old that old stuff can have a new home - but I suspect in the mean time, the kids will enjoy pulling me out to the garage to check out my boxes again. It was fun to share with them, especially since some of it I had saved for the "someday" when I had kids of my own. :)

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Anysia Derora said...

I think it's very cool that you were able to share those things with your kids. I remember how much joy it brought me to look through my mom's year books and boxes of stuff. It taught me something I may not have realized that young - that mom was a young person once too and that when she said she "understood" - she probably did. Not sure I would have believed that if I hadn't seen proof that she'd been a kid once!