Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ready and Set!

Wow! When we wake up tomorrow morning, Vicki and I can check us all in for our flight! The kids are nearly all packed. Vicki and I spent time with multiple suitcases tonight trying to figure out how to best pack it all into the least amount of suitcases. We finally ended up with our two biggest suitcases, both of which are large enough to put Kaylen in, maybe even Kelton!

Last time Kaylen went to Disneyland, she was still pretty much in the stage of us using a  baby monitor with displaynow she is 6 1/2, going on 16, and ready to take on both parks, determined to see and do it all!  Her priorities are with all things princess-related, while still being eager for the thrill rides, like Splash Mountain.  Kelton is also very eager to ride everything that he was too afraid to try when he was 4.  As for Vicki and I, bring it all on! We are ready!

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Anonymous said...

Remember, they are strict on weight limits! It is nice to bring fewer pieces of luggage, but bring a couple of light weight bags in case you need to pull out a couple of pounds so as not to get overweight charges. They also work great on the way home, as you know, your stuff never seems to fit back in your luggage on the way back.