Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I sign the apartment lease tonight! Right after that I am going to go measure all the rooms (just a one-bedroom apartment - shouldn't take long!) and draw out a diagram so I can start dreaming of furnishings. A friend suggested that we might want to get a bunk bed like the one pictured above. It would provide a sofa for seating and bed for both kids. The living room is quite big, so if there is any way I could section off a part of it for beds and a couple drawers/shelves for the kids, that is what I want to do.

I am already brain-storming inexpensive ways to make room dividers that are multi-functional....such as also serving as a bulletin board, or are usable for storage. It would be nice to have an area that is clearly "living room" and another that is "kids' room." Probably once I measure it out it won't be as large as I am hoping. That will just mean I have to get more creative. Ever been through those little rooms in Ikea that show how efficiently space can be used? I will need to do that! Uh...WE will need to do that. Strange and interesting to be in a "we" relationship again. (Caroline - I will introduce new gf soon. I have to be careful how much I share. She has a security sensitive job. Yes, that's right. She is a secret agent. Hot, right?)

I love that furniture makers have come up with variations on the old-fashioned bunk beds. You can now find on sale a full bed under the twin bed, or a desk underneath a twin, or even just a wide open area. There are also some far more space-consuming options that have the top bed going one way, the bottom going the other, with shelves next to the lower bed and a desk along one end. Really nice and seems great for two kids sharing a room. I am sure we will find just the right options to make the kids feel like this new place is their home, too.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Apartment Hunting

It was a good weekend, despite the lack of sunshine. Saturday was warmish though, no rain, and I took the kids out to go look at two apartments with me. My new girlfriend and I have decided that instead of her spending so much on hotels when she comes to visit, it makes more sense to get a small apartment and begin the transition from our old lives into a life together that will eventually include a larger house with rooms for the kids. Kinda big, right? *grin*

Yes, life is moving on in amazing ways.

The kids helped me choose between two apartments, pointing out the good features of each, and then we spent time walking around the neighborhood. GF and I had already chosen the general area on her previous trip, but the kids and I wanted to see how close things really were on a walk. Within a couple blocks we were at a trendy pet supply store, then a bookstore, and finally a Japanese restaurant, where they tried chopsticks for the first time! Those made great toys while we waited for their soba noodles to appear.

I found out last night we definitely got the apartment, and I think it was good that the kids were involved in that process. They will come for sleep-overs, not all the time on my weekends since it is a small place, but sometimes. I think it will be good for them to see where I live when I am not with them and know it is a stable place instead of "where will you be tonight?"

Yes, life moves on and I think we are all adjusting well.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Facts

This has been the coldest, wettest June in Portland on record. I have no cite. I have no proof. I think the fact my co-worker was trying to slit her wrist with a plastic knife in the workroom speaks for itself. (She was joking around.)

My job goes down to half-time starting July 1. I graduated from law school a year ago and am still doing the same work I have been doing for seven years. Despite the dismal career facts, I am happy. Life feels as though it is moving along as it should and good job news is right around the corner.

Casey and I are getting along great, sharing news of people we are dating, talking openly, in an age-appropriate way, with the kids about new relationships and what that means or does not mean, and I think the kids are doing well.

Some of you may be wondering where the stories and pictures of London and Paris are. Great question! The pictures are on on my netbook, which I still love, by the way, and so does my new computer-geek girlfriend, who plans on getting herself the same model. That says something about the quality. Anyway, I still need to sort through the 1000+ photos and maybe create a relatively short slide show with the most meaningful shots to share with people. Maybe I can get a bit of time this weekend in between playing with the kids, doing laundry and various other chores.

Hope you all have wonderful weekends ahead!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Remember This TV Series?

Sometimes life is weird, right? You get a call out of the blue from someone you haven't heard from just when you need it most, or you think you hear someone at the door and you get up just in time to avoid the dog trampling you on her way to watch a squirrel in the front yard. Coincidences? Synchronicity? Universal Flow? Who knows?

These things are happening more in my life...or rather, maybe I am more aware of them. Kind of like when you decide to buy a blue Prius, every other car on the road seems to be a blue Prius. Anyway, I was chatting with a friend on Facebook the other day about life and events and she mentioned she was watching Joan of Arcadia. Does anyone remember that show? That was a fascinating, well-written show that was one of my all-time favorites.

Here is a brief description that I "borrowed" from another site:

"Millions of people speak to God. What if God spoke back? Life just got a hell of a lot more confusing for teenage Joan Girardi, who already deals with feeling out of place in her family : her police chief father, her somewhat overbearing mother, her geeky younger brother and former football star older brother, now paralyzed. They'd never believe her if she told them that God is talking to her. Does Joan have a higher purpose on earth, or are these strange conversations just in her head?"

This show touches on a lot of social issues, but underlying it all is the very big question revolving around how people who believe they talk with God are treated - prophet or nut case? Joan made a deal with God to save her brother from a car crash, so now she must do everything he asks. Are all the strangers that show up telling her they are incarnations of God and asking her to do odd things really God? Should she go along with the requests or possibly break a promise to God? Teen angst mingled with the above conflict makes for lots of drama and an excellent premise on which to base a series.

The show was only on for two seasons, from 2003-2005, won a People's Choice Award and was nominated for an Emmy Award in it's first season for Best Dramatic Series.

Both season are available for sale on-line and are worth adding to your collection of DVD's.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mud Girl!

This weekend we finally had sunshine! Casey and I got out last year's small pool for the kids to splash around in. There is a bigger one waiting to be set up once the weather gets really nice, but this seemed like a good idea for the day. The kids agreed and had a great time running, jumping, splashing.....and making mud in the already rain-soaked ground that really could not absorb any more water. Kaylen started "trapeze skiing" and eventually decided that a mud bath sounded good. She actually kneeled down in the mud, and then put her arms in from wrist to elbow.....and then started swinging from the rings again. I could not resist taking a picture. That drew attention to it, so she quickly covered herself in more mud, but didn't really like it, so jumped into the pool to wash it off. You can guess what the pool water looked like!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Random Friday Life Update

I suppose sitting for hours on end editing my photos while munching on M&Ms is a great way to end up needing quick weight loss tips. OK, truthfully, I have not resorted to that, yet, but I can see it being something I would do, if I had an extended period of free time available. It is so much fun seeing how the photos really turned out and remembering where I was, what I was doing, who I was hanging out with....all that cool vacation memory stuff.

No, for the past two nights, and clear until next Friday, my time will be spent at work, with the kids and with my new girlfriend. (Ah, there's that inadequate word again!) She's back out here visiting from Virginia again. Her job could take her away to a poverty-stricken, probably war-torn, country half-way around the world at any time, for a couple weeks, or longer, so we want to spend as much time as we can together when we can. She and Casey went out for a bit again last night while I was having dinner with the kids and deciding what games we could play when she returned. It feels good to have this woman in my world, getting to know my friends and family, spending time with the kids, figuring out who we are together.

Life has a funny way of turning tragedies into miracles when we are open to seeing the possibilities.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I am starting to sort through my England trip pictures. Downloaded Picasa to help me edit and organize. I have about 1000 photos. Thank goodness for digital photography! I have no idea how much time it would take to do all the things I would really like to do with them. I know I could group some into themes, by location, by subject matter, and then many will be greatly improved by cropping. I do enjoy reviewing pictures, it is like being able to relive the experience.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Back to Work

Today I returned to work. For the most part, I enjoy the people I work with. Still, I'd rather be in London. :)

I actually made it all the way through my unopened is easy enough to click here and there and figure out what is junk and what needs a thoughtful answer. I did not make progress on a lot of work, but I sorted through a ton! I guess for a first day back after being gone for more than a week, that is not too shabby.

Tomorrow is another day for work and opportunities, love and laughter.