Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Apartment Hunting

It was a good weekend, despite the lack of sunshine. Saturday was warmish though, no rain, and I took the kids out to go look at two apartments with me. My new girlfriend and I have decided that instead of her spending so much on hotels when she comes to visit, it makes more sense to get a small apartment and begin the transition from our old lives into a life together that will eventually include a larger house with rooms for the kids. Kinda big, right? *grin*

Yes, life is moving on in amazing ways.

The kids helped me choose between two apartments, pointing out the good features of each, and then we spent time walking around the neighborhood. GF and I had already chosen the general area on her previous trip, but the kids and I wanted to see how close things really were on a walk. Within a couple blocks we were at a trendy pet supply store, then a bookstore, and finally a Japanese restaurant, where they tried chopsticks for the first time! Those made great toys while we waited for their soba noodles to appear.

I found out last night we definitely got the apartment, and I think it was good that the kids were involved in that process. They will come for sleep-overs, not all the time on my weekends since it is a small place, but sometimes. I think it will be good for them to see where I live when I am not with them and know it is a stable place instead of "where will you be tonight?"

Yes, life moves on and I think we are all adjusting well.


Lynilu said...

I'll bet it feels good for you, too, to be moving to a stage of knowing where you will be each night. It is not easy to "live out of a suitcase." Been there, done that. It gets old!

I think it is good the kids got be be part of the process. It is, after all, their home away from home. :)


Dakota said...

Thanks, Lynilu! It does feel good, and I think is the forward momentum we are all ready for...uh....for which we are all ready. :)

Caroline said...

How exciting. I know you will enjoy having a place of your own instead of staying with friends and family.

So when are you going to tell us more about this new girl of yours and share maybe a picture. :)

Lynilu said...

Ha ha! Now that you is a lawyer, you better gotta talk good!