Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Facts

This has been the coldest, wettest June in Portland on record. I have no cite. I have no proof. I think the fact my co-worker was trying to slit her wrist with a plastic knife in the workroom speaks for itself. (She was joking around.)

My job goes down to half-time starting July 1. I graduated from law school a year ago and am still doing the same work I have been doing for seven years. Despite the dismal career facts, I am happy. Life feels as though it is moving along as it should and good job news is right around the corner.

Casey and I are getting along great, sharing news of people we are dating, talking openly, in an age-appropriate way, with the kids about new relationships and what that means or does not mean, and I think the kids are doing well.

Some of you may be wondering where the stories and pictures of London and Paris are. Great question! The pictures are on on my netbook, which I still love, by the way, and so does my new computer-geek girlfriend, who plans on getting herself the same model. That says something about the quality. Anyway, I still need to sort through the 1000+ photos and maybe create a relatively short slide show with the most meaningful shots to share with people. Maybe I can get a bit of time this weekend in between playing with the kids, doing laundry and various other chores.

Hope you all have wonderful weekends ahead!


Lynilu said...

It is amazing how good life can be when you look at the small blessings. Sometimes I find myself getting into a rather whiny mode over "stuff," but when I slow down and look at the little things in the big picture, everything is in balance. Sounds like that is how you assess, too. Certainly makes life more fun to be happily low key vs. drama. Yeah, life is as good as we let it be!

Dakota said...

Lynilu -
Very nicely said! That is it exactly!

Mieke said...

Will you take the bar for me? You can come and enjoy our wonderful weather? It was a perfect beach day. Of course, I wouldn't know that personally.