Monday, June 14, 2010

Mud Girl!

This weekend we finally had sunshine! Casey and I got out last year's small pool for the kids to splash around in. There is a bigger one waiting to be set up once the weather gets really nice, but this seemed like a good idea for the day. The kids agreed and had a great time running, jumping, splashing.....and making mud in the already rain-soaked ground that really could not absorb any more water. Kaylen started "trapeze skiing" and eventually decided that a mud bath sounded good. She actually kneeled down in the mud, and then put her arms in from wrist to elbow.....and then started swinging from the rings again. I could not resist taking a picture. That drew attention to it, so she quickly covered herself in more mud, but didn't really like it, so jumped into the pool to wash it off. You can guess what the pool water looked like!

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