Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I sign the apartment lease tonight! Right after that I am going to go measure all the rooms (just a one-bedroom apartment - shouldn't take long!) and draw out a diagram so I can start dreaming of furnishings. A friend suggested that we might want to get a bunk bed like the one pictured above. It would provide a sofa for seating and bed for both kids. The living room is quite big, so if there is any way I could section off a part of it for beds and a couple drawers/shelves for the kids, that is what I want to do.

I am already brain-storming inexpensive ways to make room dividers that are multi-functional....such as also serving as a bulletin board, or are usable for storage. It would be nice to have an area that is clearly "living room" and another that is "kids' room." Probably once I measure it out it won't be as large as I am hoping. That will just mean I have to get more creative. Ever been through those little rooms in Ikea that show how efficiently space can be used? I will need to do that! Uh...WE will need to do that. Strange and interesting to be in a "we" relationship again. (Caroline - I will introduce new gf soon. I have to be careful how much I share. She has a security sensitive job. Yes, that's right. She is a secret agent. Hot, right?)

I love that furniture makers have come up with variations on the old-fashioned bunk beds. You can now find on sale a full bed under the twin bed, or a desk underneath a twin, or even just a wide open area. There are also some far more space-consuming options that have the top bed going one way, the bottom going the other, with shelves next to the lower bed and a desk along one end. Really nice and seems great for two kids sharing a room. I am sure we will find just the right options to make the kids feel like this new place is their home, too.


Lynilu said...

I like those "space consuming" sleep/play things! They are great for kids! Good luck!

Caroline said...

I'm such a pest aren't I???? :)

I am so happy that you will have a place of your own now. I love the idea about the bunkbed for the living room. I know the kids will love it as well.

Can't wait to see pics of the inside.