Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Zhu Zhu Everywhere - even

The Zhu Zhu Pet craze hit our family last Christmas and though it subsided for a time, appears to be going strong again. Kaylen received a small starter set - a few tubes and two pets - for Christmas. From time to time, she plays with them, or asks for a new one.

Recently though, both kids caught the bug for these small electronic hamster-like creatures. They really do look like hamsters and the play sets are similar to the old Habitrail tubes and cages we all grew up with. They even have a hamster ball for the Zhu Zhu pet to run around in. There are several different colors - and each character makes her own sound and has a unique design on her back. There are various accessories, like cars, outfits, and babies with strollers that can be purchased separately to increase the Zhu Zhu collection.

The kids, especially Kaylen, have worked hard weeding and doing other chores to earn money to buy more pets and accessories. At first, most of the pets were either sort of gender-neutral or "girly." Now there is a line of pets targeted for boys - they are Kung Fu pets or other versions of warrior-like creatures that can do battle. Same creatures, different gear and costuming.

They are pretty cute, I have to admit. They are soft and when you press on a place on their back "come to life" and they make whatever their unique sound is...quiet sounds, not terribly obnoxious. Their wheels allow them to run on a track and sensors make them back up and turn when they hit something.

They seem to be on sale pretty much everywhere. In fact, it is sometimes hard to find the pets themselves as they seem to sell out fast, leaving mostly accessories on the store shelves. Pretty clever gimmick and way lower maintenance than real hamsters! Call this mom a Zhu Zhu fan!

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