Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pens at

My name is Dakota and I am an office supply addict.

I admit it, I could spend hours in an office supply store that lets me test the pens and feel the paper. I love the way office supplies smell - fresh and new - and how they feel in my hand. I am a complete sucker for a good pen. I am partial to gel pens and love the Uniball ones we have at work. OK - well, I have to ask for them to be specially ordered, because if everyone had access, they would just disappear! I just saw a really nice looking Uniball gel pen that is a step up from the inexpensive plastic ones we get at work. This one look classier. I can tell it would feel good in my hand - just heavy enough, with a cushion grip for comfort. I can almost feel the gel ink smoothly spreading across the paper as I dash off a quick memo to myself to remind me of a task for later. It wouldn't be scratchy, or would be smooth and even-flowing. It looks classy - basic colors that won't clash with my outfit. OK, so that part really does not matter to me and I love loud colors....still, these colors would look professional, for office use. Really good if you are....oh, I don't know...a lawyer! :)

If I see one of these on sale, I may just have to pick one up!

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