Friday, July 16, 2010

Scanning for New TVs on Buy.Com

A new apartment means a new TV! Actually, I was OK with the idea of no TV. GF really does not watch TV, and the kids and I could get along with internet and DVDs. GF thinks we need one, and also pointed out that football season will be starting soon. She is a fan, which is funny, not just because I am not, but because she is one of the last people you would expect to like football - computer/techno geek, very spiritual, always reading, knows very few pop culture references.....I am amused.

Anyway, we started looking at TV's last night and this Samsung 32" LCD is one that we are considering. The picture is sharp, the price is very reasonable and...oh, who am I kidding, those are pretty much my only two criteria! It does have this other cool feature called ConnectShare™ Movie - "Connect a thumb drive or digital camera quickly and easily. Userfriendly interface allows access to videos, a music playlist and pictures via the remote" How much fun is that? Yes, exactly!

I have had other Samsung products and been quite happy with them. As you may recall, the netbook that I lusted after for months and finally got is a Samsung product, and computer whiz GF was so impressed she got herself one, too. So, we are feeling pretty good about the brand name. We'll do some shopping to see what is on sale with the kids this weekend and hopefully have a TV by the time the Direct TV installer arrives at the apartment on Monday!


Marie said...

Best Buy has a 42 inch for like $499,99 we bought it back when it was $500 & something fab picture. Has all of the cool new techno stuff. Just an FYI.. I don't work for BB!!! ha ha
PS: By the way I've been reading you guys since like shortly after you began law school but am just slack about commenting!!

Dakota said...

Marie - Thanks for commenting and for reading all these years!