Monday, July 19, 2010

The New Neighborhood

It was the first weekend I spent with the kids and the new girlfriend in the new apartment. It all went quite well, considering two rowdy kids who are excited and need to be reminded that we are in an apartment with others around us. There was a lot going on in the neighborhood - neighborhood association sponsored a garage sale for anyone who wanted to participate, and the stores were having a big block party-type sale which included live music in various locations and free snow cones!

We found almost new, matching furniture at a garage sale right next door - kitchen table and chairs, chest of drawers and night table - for a great price, kids got lots of garage sale toys, many for free, and we enjoyed wandering the neighborhood. We got a new top mattress for the kids' bunk bed and a bed for the bedroom - all at one of the mattress superstores with the annoying commercials. Kids got new pillows. We stopped short of new lingerie - oh - and now we need sheets that fit the new mattress! So many things to think about about and purchase all at once....but it is starting to feel like a home.

Kids are waiting to visit tomorrow to see the completed bunk bed. They like it at the new place. I am glad.

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Lynilu said...

Doesn't it feel awesome when it begins to come together? FINALLY! Enjoy!