Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trip to DC - Part 3

On Friday, I was on my own to explore Winchester, VA, or wherever I chose to drive. GF had to work, so she turned over the rectangular bar that serves as a key to her Prius and I was on my way! First off - love the car! I kept the "key" in my travel wallet that was slung across my body, so every time I walked up to it, it recognized me and unlocked the doors. The car starts with the push of a button and drives like a dream. Way cool!

I ended up first at the visitor's center watching video's about the area's civil war history, then about tourism. Then I went to see Abram's Delight on the same grounds as the center. It is the oldest house in Winchester and was built in 1754. It has been restored, contains many of the original furnishings and other period pieces and I was given a personal tour by a girl who appeared to be all of 16. She was nice and did a good job with the history.

Next I visited a building that served as George Washington's office while Fort Loudoun was being build in 1755/56. Winchester is where George Washington's political and military career started, so he plays a prominent part of the area's history.

I later drove out to the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, which, according to its website, "interprets the art, history, and culture of the great valley for which it is named. This regional museum complex in Winchester, Virginia, includes a historic house dating to the eighteenth century, six acres of spectacular gardens, and a museum designed by internationally recognized architect Michael Graves."

I wandered the museum on my own and then picked up GF, who was done with work by then, to explore the gardens with me. That is her favorite part of the museum, so it was nice to experience together.

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