Thursday, April 29, 2010

White Noise - Literally

Ever since college, maybe even before, I have been used to sleeping with white noise of some sort. In college, I used it to block out roommate noise, and just got addicted. Back more than 20 years ago, I used a Norelco air filter designed to remove smoke from the air. (Anyone remember those?) Eventually, I moved on to a sound machine that has multiple options for soothing sounds like rain, wind, ocean, birds...etc.

Over the years, I have worn out a few of them, and Casey and I managed to get the kids addicted too, trying to keep the kids' rooms relatively quiet from the wandering cats and dogs. I suspect that Casey is happy to not have to sleep with the constant noise anymore, but me, I love it!

Even in my nomad existence, I carry a sound machine with me. It is soothing and helps me sleep. After all these years of being used to white noise, trying to sleep without it can be challenging. I notice all the creaks, drips and various pet noises without it. With it, I sleep soundly.

I noticed I have not been sleeping well the past several nights, and just realized it may have something to do with the fact I have not had my sound machine on. My brain may be missing the constant buzz that blocks out the nighttime noises.

The white noise machines are generally on sale all over the place at Christmas time, but can also be found in the drug or electronics section of variety stores. The selection is usually less though. I am quite interested in the fancy ones now that have a clock and even a "sunrise" light on them so your room slowly brightens in the morning with your alarm. I may need to get one of those the next time my machine stops working.


Lynilu said...

Know what? I have one of those right beside my head on the nightstand, but I've forgotten to use it when I'm having trouble sleeping. duh. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

years ago i had an ionizer, not only did the sound help me sleep, it also helped my spouse's snoring. now i use a fan (different spouse), was at a hotel this past weekend w/o my fan and i hardly slept. although i hate to travel w/ so much stuff, i'll never leave home again w/o my fan!! : )

Caroline said...

Oh...the alarm clock that slowly lights your romm in the morning sounds interesting. I think I would like that. I sleep with a fan every night (even in winter) and it's because of the noise it makes.

Sarade said...

I am intrigued by these noise machines. I tried one a few years ago, but I am sure they have better ones on the market these days. For now I just wear ear plugs. The light-producing alarm clock would be lovely!

Associate Girl said...

I love sleeping to sounds of rain and thunderstorms and waves. the best. Well, the absolute best is falling asleep right next to your kids while listening to them breath.