Friday, April 16, 2010

Natural High

After work yesterday, I drove over to a beautiful 645-acre nature area near my old law school.(Yes..."old"....from way back last year!) I changed out of my work clothes into some comfy jeans with a hole in the knee and an old T-shirt, and took off walking. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day and the woods were alive with spring. Trilliums were blooming, birds were singing, ferns were was incredibly peaceful..and energizing.

I took a few pictures from my camera phone. Some are on my FB page already, and here are a few others:

Happy Spring Everyone!


Lynilu said...

Gosh, that is gorgeous! I'm ready to start my forest treks. The snow finally melted.... and now it's raining! I won't complain, as my delayed pleasure is simply the rejuvenating of the wilderness.

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