Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

What a busy week! Work is busy; I have potentially gotten hooked up with a volunteer opportunity that combines tribal and energy law - exactly what I think I want; tomorrow is Take your Child to Work Day; my mom is having surgery for diverticulitis; the kids have Bingo night at the school; then Friday Kelton has a cultural parade that I want to go to....busy! The weekend has me going up to Seattle to pick up a friend at the airport, lunch with old high school friends, and then we'll see one of them in a theatre production that night. Next day - play all day in Seattle!

I suspect by Sunday night when I look in the mirror, I will be wondering if actifade would help with the dark circles under my eyes! Not that I am complaining. I enjoy being active, having lots going on, and am completely looking forward to seeing my friends this weekend! Bring it on!


Mimi said...

your mom is having surgery for diverticulitis???? What the hell I have that???? what kind of surgery is she having???? I didn't know you had surgery for mine flars up every so often....please let know...good luck to your mom....

yankeegirl said...

Took a break from studying for my Crim Pro final to catch up on your blog :)
Hope the surgery went well.
How about the volunteer opportunity- that sounds so promising!! :)