Friday, April 09, 2010

Happy Friday!

I see I have been rather neglectful of my blog this week. Some weeks are like that. I have been busy spinning my wheels, trying to get out of the mud and make forward progress on the job hunt/networking front. What else - random stuff:

- Planning and shopping for Boy Wonder's 8th Birthday! His celebration with my side of the family is this Sunday. He will share his party with a cousin who is turning 9. It is so sweet that they enjoy sharing their party.

- Dealing with the usual family stuff that comes up - kid-drama, Casey and I still working out logistics, dog craziness ("my" dog and Casey make each other nuts)...etc. I SO need a place of my own. It will happen. I am learning much through this transition - being grateful for the friends and family that have opened their lives to me, taking in the the sights, people and opportunities I would never have noticed otherwise; living in the moment.

- Really taking time to think and feel deeply - and to know when not to. I have often been told I need to get out of my own head and not overthink things. That is sometimes true and sometimes not. I am learning to tell the difference.

Life is good. Be happy!

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