Friday, February 27, 2009

Sunny Day Dreamin'

It is a gorgeous day with clear blue skies and the promise of the weekend just ahead. It is still chilly, but the sun is starting to warm things, and the hint of spring is heavy in the air. I know this is just a tease. Heck...we had a bit of snow just two days ago...but I can tell spring is on its way!

First this tease, then it will get rainy and yucky....generally about April I hit the stores looking for sale on garden supplies and plants. A sunny weekend spent getting the garden in shape is just the thing to shake the winter blues. I have already been browsing on line and found a very cool natural gas campfire. How cool would this be? It is beautiful and would provide a clean fire at the touch of a switch any time you wanted. No need to look for firewood, kindling, newspapers and matches. It would be common enough to have a fire that the kids would not be so excited every time we have one that they can barely listen to fire safety rules (somewhat of a challenge for us last summer). Yes, the yard would have to be rearranged so it could be the center of a beautifully landscaped garden area -

What? The dogs? The kids? The cabin-sized tent we put up every year over numerous weekends? Oh, right...OK, I'm back to reality. Still, it's fun to dream and this is a beautiful day for it.

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Monogram Queen said...

Yes a beautiful day does tend to put the mind forward to Spring and then ... Summer!