Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The torture continues...

Did this guy really just say, "I don't really know about this, has anyone heard of this?" He then proceeded to write it on the board....but it may not be right since he seems to be guessing. I am so not OK with that....He is sounding a bit more confident about part of it here, but I am not really sure it is very important to the case. I am not sure what is important about any of the cases he is discussing because all parts are delivered with the same intensity. Wait..he is reading part of the case out loud. Shoot me now.

This is torture. What is that sound? Dripping water? Yes, his voice is the drip, drip, drip of water slowly splashing upon my forehead and causing me unbelievable agony. Quick, someone, get a Delta faucet and save us all! There must be some remedy for this violation.

I bet he is a very nice guy and a good attorney.

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Lynilu said...

You know how attorneys are .... mercilessly playing with people's minds!