Friday, February 13, 2009

Crazy Week at Work

Well, it has been an interesting week at work.

Wait, let me try that again....

It has been an i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n=g week at work.

Did you catch the sarcasm that time?

We are undergoing a reorg, which is not a result of the economy, but the result of a new dean, which means, we've been expecting it. We are even a small part of the process. So, everyone is a little on edge about what all of the new lines between the boxes on the charts really stand for....

Add in the economy, legislative session stresses and a number of other things, and let's just say the powers that be have been cranky and it has many of us looking for the exit signs. Better to take a little break than get in the line of fire, you know?

Two days ago I did not get out fast enough and got caught in some crossfire. It was not fun. It was not personal. It was merely a stress explosion from someone that should know much better. Still, left me with an icky feeling that I am mostly over today.

I am ready to again be positive and move forward and enjoy this job for as long as I am here. There are good people, things to learn, and much flexibility, which has served me so well, and should continue to do so as I move into bar prep.

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