Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slowly Creeping Out of Denial

Do you know if you misspell "denial" you get "denali" which is a town in Alaska? I am thinking "Slowly Creeping Out of Denali" might be a good name for a book which could later be adapted into a screenplay for a major feature film. That's what I'll be doing rather than being a lawyer.

A lawyer? Really? Seriously? So, was it the fantastic hours, the great reputation or the enormous student loans that first attracted me to the profession? Maybe it was the killer 2-day exam at the end of a HUGELY expensive 4-year education that if you don't pass you don't get to play the game?

All kidding aside, just for a moment, yesterday I went to a presentation/ Q&A session with a sampling of our state's Bar Examiners, ordered my cap and gown, and sent away for the bar application kit. Apparently, ready or not, graduation and the bar exam are rapidly approaching. Wow.

If any of my classmates are reading this, the most valuable tip I got was that the March 31st deadline for the bar application is really just the deadline for the application itself. You can send in supplemental materials, such as DMV records, later.

OK, so, I get through this last batch of classes, somehow piece together a freaking major research paper that I never should have gotten myself into (but that will probably prove to be the most interesting thing I am working on) and before you know it - BAM - I will have pretty initials after my name.



Lynilu said...

It always seemed so far away you never thought the day would come, right? Happy for you! Well, except for the debt. Let's ignore that one for now.

gudnuff said...

Whoa, dude, it's so close! The letters are coming, the letters are coming! But so is The Exam...ugh. Congratulations on the former and good luck on the latter.

Mieke said...

Is that possible? Of course you are almost done. People keep telling me that the study of law is much better than the practice of law. Gulp. With MASSIVE loans repayments ahead, I sure hope that isn't true.

Do you know what you want to do exactly?

Dakota said...

Mieke - What do I want to do? Go be a rock star. Run screaming from the room. Fall into a pile of money so I can do whatever I want without worrying about loan repayment.

OK - seriously - something related to the energy field, possibly energy law directly, but am more interested in policy work or adminstration. No - I'm not jumping on the Obama wagon (though I like the direction it is going), I've had this in mind for a couple of years, done a couple related internships and such. If not directly energy-related - anything environmentally related.

You must have one more year after this? Keep it up! Despite the ups and downs in your life, you are doing this thing.

yankeegirl said...

Wow Dakota- Congratulations! I'm jealous, although I have to say this year has flown by. I can't believe I'm already thinking about finals and will have 1L year behind me soon!