Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

OK - so this message should have been done earlier, maybe even a day or so ago. Still, it is the thought that counts and I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have had a nice day with Wife's brother, his girlfriend, her Mom and Dad, and eventually another brother and his girlfriend. Good food. Kids were not too out of control. Unlike the stories I am fairly certain I may hear of when I return to work, it was not a redneck Thankgiving - no beer, no vats of oil, no fixing up old cars, no talk of guns, no ex-wifes making scenes showing up in really was totally civilized. So, I guess I have nothing that stimulating to share.

Daughter's favorite was Cool Whip with Cool Whip (no pie) and we have a cute picture of her licking her Cool Whip plate clean.

It's almost time for Gray's Anatomy. Wife, Brother's girlfriend, and I have been looking forward to it since we talked about it last night. :)


patti_cake said...

Okay I have to know the story of the ex-wife showing up in a bustier! LOL

Dakota said...

Oh, it's not a true story from my family, but typical of the red-neck stories I do hear. Actually, we did have a Christmas or Thanksgiving with Wife's family where an ex-wife of one of her brother's showed up looking much better than the new girlfriend, and was all social and nice to everyone and totally showed up the new (and very weird) girlfriend. She was there because they have a son, so are all family, more or less. It was a bit weird. I guess it is good that the family doesn't drink or that could have gotten ugly!