Tuesday, November 27, 2007

After Thanksgiving Follow-Up

Back from Thanksgiving and into the last two weeks of class before finals. Wow! What a busy semester (as opposed to all of those really slow ones?)! Speaking of Thanksgiving, I can't believe how much stuff a family of four has to pack to go visiting. We've each got a bag, plus misc. snack bags,diapers (which someone is all but refusing to wear and is doing pretty well at being "a big girl"), a container of toys, misc. toys, a bag for all the various bathroom and drug supplies..etc. We had so many cold remedies and pain medications with us this time it looked like someone was in need of drug rehab. Crazy!

Update on Wife's arm - after a Saturday visit to a walk-in clinic which included an X-ray, it looked as if all the pain was muscle trauma and muscle spasms. That was a relief, and the pain was much better Saturday night than the previous night. *Whew* Each day has been a bit better, for which we are all very grateful. Yesterday, Wife got a call from the medical provider...."Uh, looks like there might be a fracture of the elbow head.(I think that was the term.) Splint it and go back for another X-ray in a week." Sure - we'll just go pick up that do-it-yourself splint kit and get right on that. The pain is so much better, Wife doesn't really believe there is anything wrong, so she'll just take it easy, no heavy lifting, and hope for the best. At least a major fracture requiring a cast was avoided. Yippee!

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Lynilu said...

Uhh, I'd check the possible crack in the head. That head is the key component to the functioning of the elbow. If it is cracked in certain ways, it can cause rather serious problems, especially with lifting or other weight-bearing activities (exercising,another fall). Then she could be facing joint replacement surgery. :(