Saturday, November 24, 2007

Crazy Saturday

It is Saturday morning. I am doing homework, alone, at Wife's brother's house. Wife's brother and his girlfriend have taken the kids to go play with some cousins, and drop Wife off at the doctor's office. Yes, the doctor's office. She fell last night and may have broken her arm....or at least caused some very painful soft tissue damage. OUCH! Not much sleep for us last night. Poor Wife. Stay tuned on my blog or Wife's for details....probably not until tomorrow or Monday.

I have a lot of homework. I guess that's what happens when you sign up for 12 credits in one semester and one class meets 3 times per week. As finals approach I wish that I had the skills of an IBM memory, but alas, I am simply human. Therefore, I must get back to reading about Section 404 permits of the Clean Water Act. Jealous?


Audra said...

oh noes! Hope she feels better!

Mimi said...

Poor Casey...hope she didn't break her you know what happens if she did break her arm??? You'll have to balance the check

patti_cake said...

Oh I hope Casey is okay! Good luck on the school work also. Oy!