Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Power Rangers on the Home Front
My wife is getting a kick out of taking pictures of me playing with the kids and having me post them on my blog in order to reveal my inner kid. OK, so I'm playing along. (Wife also thinks my classmates have dirty minds. You know who you are and why she said this!)

This past Sunday morning while we were playing computer games, my son and I watched video clips from a new Power Rangers movie. I think it was a movie - could have been a tv show. Anyway, he said someday he wanted to dress up and be a Power Ranger. As luck would have it, that very day we were shopping at Fred Meyer and saw a Power Ranger costume on sale. Son was very excited. Wife and I thought about making him wait until Christmas, but then decided it could be an early present. Son had the mask on before he was even strapped in his car seat for the ride home. We played Power Rangers as soon as we got home, and Son even let me wear the mask and vest/shield. That was pretty special, plus, he was really into the sword and cell phone/weapon, so think he didn't mind sharing the costume part.

I was a bit too old for Power Rangers the first time they were popular, but this time around, I can see their appeal. Everything is more fun through the eyes of a child :)

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Casey said...

Baaahahahahahahaha!!!!! I love daring you to post things. It makes me strangely happy. :)