Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Problem of Odor...aka Something Stinks
So, do people have to smoke and then come into a room with the odor still hanging on their clothes? Yes, apparently so.

Also, there are some guys (and probably some women, though I've not encounted that problem in my own experience) that really should shower prior to coming to class, or riding a bus, or coming to work. Just saying.

Perhaps tonight I am beyond the "person of normal sensitivies" classification. (Read: Feeling a little gritchy sitting here in class, though happy overall because I'm on page 46 of my paper!)

I will just mind my own business and be happy that I can smell - proof of the very happy fact that I do not have my wife's cold. Hope you are feeling better, Honey.

(How's that for another quirky post?)

1 comment:

Casey said...

LOL! You are too much sometimes. No wonder I love you like I do. :)