Monday, November 13, 2006

Friday Night Fun!

There have been times in my life that such a phrase might conjure up nights out on the town - a dance club, a women's bar, maybe even the theatre. Now days, my life is a bit more sedate. Wait. No. That's not right. It is not sedate. Perhaps it IS theatre. It certainly has its comedic and dramatic elements, that's for certain!

This past Friday night.....a little Karoake with the kids. Well, not really that. Mostly it was playing with the microphone. Kelton has the moves of a young boy band member, and loves to get his hands on the microphone, preferably following a suitable introduction. Kaylen loves imitating anything her brother does. Me? Well, I was having fun making sound effects :) Do you know if you say an elogated "paw" into a microphone it sounds really cool? So cool, that your 4-year-old has to try it, too!

The last two pictures show the best way to climb up onto the back of Mama.
1) step up on heel
2) fit other foot into waistband (not pictured)
3) hoist yourself up
4) hang on tight

Coming soon: Painting fun!


Casey said...

Looks like fun! Oh wait - it was fun. :)

*tapping fingers impatiently* I'm waiting for the painting pictures. :)

Hadas said...

OK I know it is wrong to post on other people's blogs, now that I have closed mine, but I thought you would enjoy this.