Thursday, November 09, 2006

Confessions of a Big Kid

So, my wife was harrassing me yesterday about serious posts and big words. It was probably her way of telling me I'm getting a little too involved with school and the world of law (and my A Paper that is due next week) and need to get a little more grounded. Well, I tell you, I was feeling pretty well grounded on Sunday when I took the kids out puddle-stomping in a rainstorm, and ended up cleaning out gutters, scooping dog poop from the yard, and putting away patio furniture, all in the rain, because, I was already wet anyway. It was actually quite fun. I even got to turn the hose on my son. He'd gotten fithy and I suggested it as a joke, but then he wanted me to really do it, so I did. He was already wet, and it was unseasonably warm, plus he was on his way into the house for a bath anyway. Where was I going with this? Right.....the confession that I'm truly a kid at heart, and often, in action.

Last night my wife and I are laying in bed.
"What was that?" she asks.
"This?" I say, thumping the bed with both hands as I'm laying on my back, causing the bed to move a bit.
"Why? What are you doing?"
"Feeling how squishy the mattress pad is."

This made perfect sense to me. We've had a new mattress pad for a couple months now, and I enjoy it's density and bounce. I was simply appreciating it.

Moments before I'd been wondering if I could soften the pillow cases by washing them with every load of laundry for the next three years. I have a certain set of pillow cases that I really like because they are super soft. They are super soft not because we paid $50 for high thread count pillow cases but because they are probably over 20 years old. Soft pillow cases are very important to me. I enjoy the texture next to my face. Who wants to sleep on a scratchy pillow cases?

It's these things my wife believes I should be blogging about because, heck, anyone can post about politics or law school (assuming they are in law school). So, from time to time I guess I will spice things up with confessions of my quirks :)


Casey said...

I LOVE it!!! Thanks for humoring me - I think you should let your silly side out more often in your writing We can't have people thinking you are just one of those stuffy types who pontificate day in and day out because, in reality, you really and truly *are* just a big kid. A lovable big kid - but just a kid. :)

LawSchool Mama said...



(You might be right!)


Anonymous said...

Casey is right, these are fabulous posts. I remember the arm-in-the-air-while-in-bed that kind of thing. You must be a very tactile person. Kinestetic learner?
Keep 'em coming.