Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Be Healthy. Be Healthy. Be Healthy.

That is my mantra for the week. Baby Girl got throwing-up/diahhrea sick for about 4-5 days last week. She was mostly better by Sunday. Wife came down with it on Saturday night. Yes, Saturday, approximately one-week prior to my first final. Imagine the fear I was struck with in the middle of the night, imagining how Wife might be sick 4-5 days, I'd have to miss work to take care of the kids, then I'd get sick and Boy would get sick and I don't have enough sick time to take off of work and I am not even almost ready for finals. I am counting on the last few days before finals to totally study/absorb/cram. I HAVE to be on top of my game. No time for sickness.

Wife was better yesterday. Bad again today. Ugh.

I am feeling good. So is Boy. It MUST stay that way.

Happy Finals, Fellow Law Students!
Be Healthy!


Casey said...

It was a nice thought. Sorry you and Boy came down with it last night. :( Hopefully you will have a mild case and life will continue on as per usual tomorrow. A girl has to have hope, right?

And THIS is the probably with families getting together for the holidays when they rarely see each other the rest of the year. See? It's true. Family CAN make you sick. :(

Mieke said...

Oh the horror! I feel your angst. I was totally snotting and congested for my first law school final ever last week. I was terrified I'd be worse for the my contracts final tomorrow - which requires much more thinking than Crim. law. Thankfully I am better.

Force yourself to go to bed early, drink a ton of water, and eat healthy foods. I am wishing strong health to ward of all germs until finals are over.