Thursday, December 21, 2006

Are you Doing Any Work-Work?

A good friend made the following query...."Where did term work-work originate?" (As in "I'm at work, but since it's almost Christmas, not much work-work is getting done.") I don't really expect an answer....but if anyone has one, go for it!

Today, I am not doing much work-work. Instead, you will find that I have updated my sadly outdated link list on this blog. Yes, very important work, indeed (as opposed to today's work-work, which really can wait since no one is around to process what I'm processing).

I thought about changing my template, but then was afraid I'd loose my assorted links, and my new "blogarithm" feature (sign up so you can see when I update....I know, it's not as frequent as it should be!). Hopefully I would not, but there is a little warning that you will loose customizations, so, no point in taking such chances. So, we will all live with this format.

Our kids are adorable and all geared up for Christmas. Baby Girl is chattering a mile a minute and has so many words now that I can't keep up. New words every day, and as of yesterday, she could tell you that Santa is going to bring her "candy cane" and "present." Too cute! My son is nearly beside himself that I am going to be home for 4 1/2 days in a row. I reminded him this morning at about 5:45 (he's been waking up to be with me/watch tv before I leave for work at 6:00 - can't convince him it is too early for him to be up), and he giggled with joy. Very sweet. Good family times ahead!

Merry Christmas!

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