Wednesday, December 13, 2006

One final down, two to go!

I realized this morning that by not regularly posting during this crucial time of year I am letting down my loyal readers that may be trying to distract themselves from studying. It is no coincidence that my site hits increase around finals :) I increase my own personal surfing rate significantly just prior to finals. Law students are champion procrastinators!

Odd bits of trivia from the past week or so:

- Multiple choice tests suck. Remember when those used to be the easiest tests to take?

- Cats enjoy artificial trees almost as much as real trees.

- You can still scratch the heck out of your arms putting up an artificial tree. (Yes, we went artificial a couple years ago when the prices of the trees we like went up to about $50-60, and we live in the Pacific Northwest. That kind of money buys nice Christmas presents, and the fake tree we got is beautiful. Hard to tell it is not real. Of course, now we have to use it long enough to make it a wise investment. Another bonus - we can put it up any time we like and don't have to worry about it getting too dry by Christmas.)

- Pine essential oil makes me smile.

- A person can get a cold, followed by stomach flu, and then a cold again. Damn. Worse for Wife than me since her flu was horrible and mine was very mild. All the hand-washing and antibacterial liquid does not keep the germs at bay.....could be because small children will cough and sneeze directly into your face.

- Friday is Wife's Birthday. No studying, day off, presents, Grandma watching kids, us going out to a movie, dinner, cake = FUN! Happy pre-Birthday, Wife!

- To any first-years reading this, congrats on making it through your first final(s). Some of you are completely done for the semester! (You go, Mieke!) Second year is much better, really. It all starts coming together, and the pressure is much less. (Sure, your grade still rests on the one 3-hour final, but that fact is not as intimidating once you make it past your first year. Really.) Enjoy the next few weeks off! It can be difficult to get back into the swing of things during Spring semester, so you really need this break for some R&R!

Whatever holidays and traditions you celebrate this season, I hope you take the time to really enjoy the moments - big and small - that make up LIFE!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you didn't that sick. Good luck on rest of your finals. Reading your blog makes me so happy that I am not in school anymore. (sorry!!)

Mieke said...

Thanks for the kind words. I know exactly what you mean about it being less of a freak-out. I now know if I do the work I can't fail. I have never aspired to be an "A" student so it will make next semester. Torts, Contract II, and Legal writing and research easier to deal with. Did you like Torts? It seems like it will be very interesting.

I am LOVING having the time with the kids. LOVE IT! I

Good luck on your finals. Stay healthy.

Casey said...

Time to update! :)