Thursday, December 01, 2011

I Did It!

I completed a novel of 50,781 word in 30 days!

It has been quite a challenge, especially over the past week or so.  I am so grateful for Vicki's support. She kept me going and told me I could do it, even when I was several thousand words behind and the task was looking nearly insurmountable.  She was right by my side, doing her own work, or playing on her iPad (*grin*), the whole time.  I've had to put off all Christmas planning and shopping - so NOW we can proceed with the Holiday season!  I am also grateful for my writing buddy's support.  She and I both took on this challenge and every morning we'd compare our progress. About half-way through, or so, we started sharing story details, and the flow of creativity for both of us just soared. What was frightening is how many similarities our stories had even though up until that point, we'd not talked about any details. It was good to be able to go through this challenge together - and share our highs and lows. 

I have more to say, but I am so tired. There's only been about 5 hours of sleep for the last three nights, so the brain is not working quite as quickly as it might!  Maybe there will be blogging time this weekend....or next week.  Happy December!


Caroline said...

Yay!!!! I am so proud of you!! I am so happy that you and Vicki found each other!

Anysia Derora said...

So, I'm catching up on blog reading. Yay! You did an awesome job and it was incredibly inspiring going through the process with a live human being versus just the support of online strangers. Though we did have some strange moments along the way didn't we? hehehe It was fun and I'm really happy that you had Vicki there supporting you all along.